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Projection formula

\[a=b \cos C+c \cos B\]

Stefan-Boltzmann Law

\[ {\text{E = eA}}\sigma \left( {{T^4} – {T_0}^4} \right)\]

Arrhenius Equation

\[ k = A{e^{ – \frac{{{E_a}}}{{RT}}}}\]

Put-Call Parity

\[C + \frac{X}{{(1 + RFR)}}t = ({S_0} – P{V_{cf}}) + P\]

Total Energy Flow by First law

\[U_{2}-U_{1}+\frac{m\left(\bar{V}_{2}^{2}-\bar{V}_{1}^{2}\right)}{2}+m g\left(Z_{2}-Z_{1}\right)={ }_{1} Q_{2}-{ }_{1} W_{2}\]

Current in p type Semiconductor

\[\text{I}_{\text{n}}=\text{Aq} \text{n}_{\text{i}}^{2} \frac{\text{D}_{\text{n}}}{\text{L}_{\text{n}} \text{N}_{\text{A}}}\left(e^{V / V_{T}}-1\right)\]

Hysteresis loss by Steinmetz formula

\[\text W_{h}=\eta B_{\max }^{x} f V\]

Amdahl’s Law


Allowable load by Hiley Formula 

\[\text Q_{a p}=\frac{\eta_{h} \cdot \eta_{b} \cdot W H}{S+\frac{C}{2}}\]

National Income Accounting Identity

\[Y=C+I+G+N X\]